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"This book is an excellent resource for any filmmaker, regardless of their level of experience, budget or connections. Reiss imparts his wisdom like a funny older brother or friend."

"Open this book! Eat up every morsel Reiss provides. Internalize it and make it your second skin."
-Ted Hope, Producer of over 60 independent films including Adventureland, The Ice Storm, In the Bedroom, 21 Grams, Happiness, The Brothers McMullen.

"If you’re only going to read one book about filmmaking in the new millennium, this should be it."
-Kathleen McInnis Festival Programmer, Strategist and Publicist

"Essential reading for anyone making an independent film today."
-Scott Macaulay Editor, Filmmaker Magazine

"This is the book we've all been looking for and haven't found. Best 25 bucks I've spent in a long time. Thanks for writing it."
-Sam Mestman, Producer - How I Got Lost

This book drills down to specifics that allows the reader to form an actionable strategy, and is destined to become required reading for all filmmakers."
-Content Now

"A must read. I wish I had Reiss' book 2 years ago. It shows us how to take our film destiny into our own hands."
-Gus Roxburgh, Producer, Crips and Bloods: Made In America

"Get this book! It's a must read by every truly indie filmmaker and producer. His book will change how you think about making and promoting your films..."
-Buzz McLaughlin, Exec. Producer, Either/Or

"Cutting-edge, inspirational and practical, Think Outside The Box Office offers more information about alternative distribution, than any other resource to date."
-Filmmaker Liam Finn

"Independent filmmakers can't afford to ignore this frank, insightful, B.S.-free guide to surviving the perilous jungle of distribution 2.0. "
-Stefan Forbes, Filmmaker

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